Dial 850 529 1808 24/7 inquiry@mycargoship.com
Cracked log wood carvings
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Cracked log wood carvings add character!

Dial 850 529 1808 24/7 inquiry@mycargoship.com
I love my job! I love it when people call me and ask me to carve something special for them. I have a lot of pictures on Facebook, click on the symbol.

Order today and I will get right on it. CALL ME! YOU DESERVE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL! Like two tikis in the corner of the bathroom or four tiki bar stools or two parrots.
Your deserve it. Order now!

Alright let's have fun and decorate! I HAVE EVERYTHING HERE FOR YOU!
I got PELICANS, PARROTS, TIKIS Hundreds of wood carvings. Pick something special out.
It's party time! I'm super excited to get down with some serious carvings
I'm Don Holifield and call me 24/7 at 850 529 1808 leave voice mail questions, will call back. I love my job!

If you want a $200 dollar Pelican or a $300 Pelican CALL me, Let me know. I can make it happen!
Let's talk about how cool it would be to carve you something special.
I will carve this eagle or anything you want at your place! Call me now 850 529 1808 24/7 leave message if I don't answer.
Yes I also do REMOTE carvings and they are so much fun! Anything goes.
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Welcome to MyCargoShip.   Purchase all your Tiki Carving Statutes here ONLINE Today!
Tikis hand carved by me and my friends in beautiful Gulf Breeze, Florida.     Inspires any artist.
I spend many hours carving just one piece. One at a Time original carvings. Don 850 529 1808 24/7

SHIPPING, if you live east of the Mississippi...
Add $25 between Phoenix and Mississippi and below Denver Add $50 between West Coast and Phoenix.

Purchase Beautiful Pelican Parrot and Florida Tiki Statue Carvings Online Today!      MyCargoShip.com      Patio Pool Landscape Decor

DISPLAY, CARE: Keep bottom dry outdoors. Use washers, coins or flat pot holders for spacing. Carving split, crack, change and organic.
No worries nothing falls off due to splits, cracks.
Pine, Oak and similar logs are not good wood caring material for many reasons.
Cypress and Juniper are preferred. Lighter for shipping yet heavy enough for outdoor display.
You carving will crack and nothing falls off, unlike other woods. That is why I use the Cypress, Juniper and Red cedar.
Great Outdoors or Indoors! Whole logs may have splits and cracks up to 1/2" that add character!
Oil based stains no water based paint to peel off. Exception possible green or purple acrylics that resist peel.
Carvings are tested on Pensacola Beach in the harshest environment possible.

Enjoy making your place look awesome! This is the best way to get that who cares it's 5 o'clock somewhere feeling.

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24" Pelican Pink Flamingo two 2- Parrots Tiki mask Don Holifield original Shipping Included

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42" Larry Tiki as seen on the Tiki Pelican Parrot Show Shipping included

Natural Burned and has that Tiki feel!
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Pink Flamingo 59" SHIPPIMG Incuded (add $40 west coast) while Juniper is available

Beautiful Tall Flamingo chainsaw wood carving. Each one is original and pick your color. Just leave me a note when ordering and or call me. 850 525 1808
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IN STOCK 48" Shipping Include Signature Don Holifield Red Scarlet Macaw Parrot chainsaw wood carving.

Add $25 for shipping west of the Mississippi
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Red Cedar 30" Pelican Click for more pictures
$300.00 On Sale! $280.00

I will carve larger Pelicans 36" 48" if you call me and order the size you want! Order now! I have Awesome Highest grade Red Cedar for Christmas.
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33" Deluxe Brown Pelican wood carving Don Holifield

Display Outdoors!
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44"x 10" Red Scarlet Parrot chainsaw wood carving Don Holifield CLICK HERE MORE PICTURES

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Dial 850 529 1808 24/7 inquiry@mycargoship.com    

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-----PALM TIKI WARNING!----- Cypress, Juniper and Red Cedar Last LONGER outdoors than Palm Tikis!
I (Don Holifield) only use Cypress, Juniper and Red Cedar farmed localy.
Palm is more like grass and in time disappers.--NEVER PURCHASE PALM TIKIS-- for outdoors. However indoors, palm tikis last longer and they have a great look. Overseas imports from a trading co. usualy loose their paint and detail soon after purchase.
POTECT YOUR INVESTMENT purchase Tikis that last.
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Call me Don Holifield 850 529 1808
If I'm carving leave voice mail questions.
I will call back.
I love my job.
Excited to carve something special for you!
850 529 1808
1796 Kell Rd
Gulf Breeze Fl.
Tiki Carving Tiki Statue!
Wood Carvers James Deering, Jeff Wheelock, Mike Kerry, John Finn, Luke Holifield, Don Holifield.

Email your address for posible DISCOUNTS ON SHIPPING.
We can determine the BEST WAY TO SHIP TIKIS.
Either in stock or carved to your desire.